Tuesday Tangent

My title would make more sense if I had a post theme where every Tuesday I shared my tangents, but I don’t. I picked it because both words start with T, today happens to be Tuesday, and I have some tangents that have been building up, and maybe lastly, week of the day themes seem to be trending. Let me just hop on this gravy train.

People are Assholes

I have come to realize in the general bulk of traits in humanity, the easiest ones to default to are the ones where you act an asshole to those around you, or a selected few, or that stranger on the internet that doesn’t know you from fucking Adam, but you think of yourself in such esteem that you assume what you have to say will matter to that person whether it be an insult or your steaming pile of idiocy. You know, kinda like how I use my blog as a platform to say whatever the fuck I find purposeful to blab about on any given day.

The trigger: I watched a video on Facebook where a girl is telling her story of what happened when she went to take her first college final. It was amusing, she’s a good storyteller and happens to be studying film, or at least in that particular class.

Welcome comment section! Slay thee!!

Fucking don’t know from Adam guy pops in: [his exact words] Okay, greetings from Germany. First of all I like the US of A and the American People but…

Seriously this girl is Living Proof that there is something wrong with your educational system.

I like watching Movies but there is no way to Justify that writing about Napoleon Dynamite is part of getting a degree.

She is too fucking Stupid too find her class. I don’t think she can Tell apart Mickey Mouse from Goofy.

[End Quote]

First of all, I don’t even know if I like the American People, so buddy, what’s your experience from Germany?

Okay, okay that was small of me. What gets me is he has a point that our educational system is fucked. I know this, you know this, the majority of the world probably knows this. But I could write a 10 year thesis on that. Not today.

This girl was amused by her events leading up to her first college final or she exaggerated parts to make it funnier. Maybe she wrote her final on some spectacular historical film and wanted to be cheeky for the video. WE don’t know. Either way, any critique for a final on a film is relevant. Therefore, fucking don’t know from Adam guy, who are you to say what goes into the criteria for a college degree?

One more thing before moving on from the asshat, why the low blows? You like American People, why insult her intelligence for getting lost on a college campus? Do you not know how grand some of our American college/universities are? Some are the size of towns, i.e. why she could use Google maps to find her correct building.

Greetings from US of A.

People are Assholes II

It is not our fundamental nature to be kind and care about the people around us. Some people are lucky and grow up in ways where they have finessed not ever falling into the asshole default mode. Kids are assholes, parents are assholes, men, women, girls, boys, lesbians, gays, tansgendered/sexuals, anyone who may not be listed here because we have labels for everything and those who don’t fit labels or rebel against them. ALL OF HUMANS.

We are selfish and we need to face that to be able to better move forward and maybe turn a leaf and be kinder. Our realities are based 100% off of our perceptions.

Don’t know from Adam guy was insulted by the video, I was amused. His keyboard lashings triggered a reaction in me to defend this girl who, shocking, I don’t know from fucking Adam. And I didn’t take it to the comments where there were 106 replies to his one comment, I kept it to blog about. To get it off my chest and then add my two cents on MY perception of humanity. See what I did there?

Because our realities are 100% our own perceptions of ourselves, the people in our lives, the strangers on the street, etc. we are selfish. We really are the rulers of our universes.

It takes effort to be kind. It takes effort to develop empathy. It takes effort to really try to place ourselves in someone else’s shoes. Maybe that don’t know from Adam guy had a rough day when he viewed this clip. Maybe he lashed a bit because something else was bugging him. Maybe he’s a troll. Or maybe he’s just a high and mighty prick.

Whatever the case may be, I hope he never comes my way. I’ll show him the US of A.

It takes more effort to be kind than it does to be an asshole. I think because the reverse is touted we just assume people will be kind to one another. Work in a service job if you don’t believe me.

Also, I implore thee to make a comment if you feel like ya want to. Asshole or not, I don’t know you from Adam so give me all the two cents ya gots.

Ink, Guys, and Friends

Today is Christmas. So, Merry Christmas.

I worked like crazy all pre-holiday, but not without some fun in the mix.

First we shall start with work. I was a new hire in September with another person. I made a few friends with my new hire crew, but this one was a little different. He would flirt with me and I felt it was harmless so I flirted back. He is 6 years my junior which matters because I will admit I am an ageist. I don’t and have never dated or been intimate with anyone younger than me. The way this person flirts is physical. And again I felt it harmless and started having a mild school-age kinda crush on him. Until.

I found out he’s married.


On to the next.

My bestie whom I met when I worked for that car dealership joined the military. She’s back on paid holiday so we got together the other day to test out my Sony a6300.

Unedited JPEG.

That’s the only decent pic because it was hot outside and I planted the seed about going to a tattoo shop. Which she was totally down for. So we went to a hotdog place for lunch that has been in the area for eons. We didn’t have hotdogs. I had wings and she had grilled chicken. And then she proceeded to eat all of the fries because she thought my order was part of her double order and I was too amused to stop her.

We ended up driving to the same tattoo shop we went to last time she was in town except instead of me getting the ink, it was her.

Untouched Pixel 2 shot.

Well I have to get ready to do a family thing and then off to hang with a guy…

Not the married one.