Ink, Guys, and Friends

Today is Christmas. So, Merry Christmas.

I worked like crazy all pre-holiday, but not without some fun in the mix.

First we shall start with work. I was a new hire in September with another person. I made a few friends with my new hire crew, but this one was a little different. He would flirt with me and I felt it was harmless so I flirted back. He is 6 years my junior which matters because I will admit I am an ageist. I don’t and have never dated or been intimate with anyone younger than me. The way this person flirts is physical. And again I felt it harmless and started having a mild school-age kinda crush on him. Until.

I found out he’s married.


On to the next.

My bestie whom I met when I worked for that car dealership joined the military. She’s back on paid holiday so we got together the other day to test out my Sony a6300.

Unedited JPEG.

That’s the only decent pic because it was hot outside and I planted the seed about going to a tattoo shop. Which she was totally down for. So we went to a hotdog place for lunch that has been in the area for eons. We didn’t have hotdogs. I had wings and she had grilled chicken. And then she proceeded to eat all of the fries because she thought my order was part of her double order and I was too amused to stop her.

We ended up driving to the same tattoo shop we went to last time she was in town except instead of me getting the ink, it was her.

Untouched Pixel 2 shot.

Well I have to get ready to do a family thing and then off to hang with a guy…

Not the married one.