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Fifty Shades Flat?

Last night, after I had dinner with me, my girlfriend called me up with the need to go out for a girl’s night. And what better way to celebrate a girl’s night than going to see the third and final film, Fifty Shades Freed? So… Read More

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Everyone is a Critic

I follow a few authors on my Facebook page. I even chat with them through comments and I feel it is kind of cool since they are actually authors — something so admirable to me. And though the beginning of this post sounds vapid when… Read More

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Since everyone else is doing it

Everyone is ragging on the choice for Sexiest Man Alive by People Magazine. The “winner” is/was/everyone will forget this in 5 minutes so wtf will it matter Blake Shelton. Totally making an assumption, I think he had a good following in the country music realm… Read More

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Four Chapters In…

I was looking for something to listen to while I put myself to bed like a 10-year-old at 9pm last night. Well, maybe, a 10-year-old who has parents who give fucks about bedtime.

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  I’m only faking When I get it right Cause I fell on Black days How would I know That this could be my fate -Soundgarden “Fell on Black Days”