“I have to go, I have to go, I have to go. Where does everybody go when they have to go?”

The title is a quote from the movie GIA. About the first different-looking (meaning not catalogue/blonde style they were featuring before her) Supermodel back in the 80’s. Angelina Jolie stars in the film and to watch it is to feel a bit sad and haunted for a while after. Like I owned the VHS for Cruel Intentions, I owned the VHS for GIA. The hook for the movie is, “Too beautiful to die, too wild to live” if that is any indication.

Well, I am wondering if I am not getting some sort of sign from God or the Universe. Or both. Or all. Or whatever.

The other night I was feeling a wee bit melancholic. So I shut off Friends and I picked up my book, Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. I used to play a kind of game with that book after I read it cover to cover three full times, I would flutter the pages and then open to a random essay (they are like numbered mini essays) and I would read whichever essay feeling that it would have some seed of knowledge that may have significance in my life. Basically, I was treating the book like a game of chance and how some people seek knowledge/wisdom from The Bible. And I was basically treating Elizabeth Gilbert’s words and insight how one feels about a Guru.

The essay was from when she was in Bali. I don’t of course now remember which essay it was, but Bali is the significance. Then I was with my friend yesterday and she mentioned how a girl we used to know from school lives in Bali. So that got me on Eat Pray Love and my friend and I turned it on since I bought the movie after reading that essay. And Julia Roberts is my favorite actress ever. Angelina comes close after.

Anyway, this morning I am on Instagram (shocker) and I see a photo featured on a photo promo insta I follow, I click the photographer’s insta and she is amazing and is now in… Bali.

So Bali is where everyone goes when they have to go.

I have to go.