Fifty Shades Flat?

Last night, after I had dinner with me, my girlfriend called me up with the need to go out for a girl’s night. And what better way to celebrate a girl’s night than going to see the third and final film, Fifty Shades Freed?

So not long ago, I wrote a blog post in response to a scathing review written by a man in his 40’s that proclaimed the film horrible to all relationships among other scathing observations. I didn’t agree with all he had to say, especially when it came with personal attacks on the novelist. Safe to say, I don’t play that way.

Now that I have seen the film, I have my own observations with some rebuttals to that man’s review.

The reviewer lamented that Christian is jealous and insecure. The reviewer demeaned the character by saying he wouldn’t allow his counterpart, Ana, to go topless on the beach. Well, the true reason for that is because Christian doesn’t want some tabloid getting a photo. Also, the reviewer mentioned how Christian calls her numerous times while she is on a drink date with a girlfriend, again hinting at Christian’s jealousy and insecurity. The purpose of those calls was concern for Ana’s safety since they’re being threatened by someone. Also, the reviewer writes how Christian states how he is not ready to share Ana (in reference to having children). To each their own opinion, but my take is I have been in relationships where I didn’t want to share my partner with kids. There’s a reason that the “traditional” relationship is touted to be dating, engagement, marriage, have kids a couple to a few years later. Not only does that time allot for being with that person without other huge responsibilities, but to build a foundation strong enough to withstand the dynamics of raising children. Does it always happen? Obviously not, but it’s the ideal.

Issues I had with the film? The plot was flat, the acting sub par, and there wasn’t a hook. The hook is what keeps you watching a film. Instead I sat there wondering why I was watching this film. There isn’t any depth to the characters. I would’ve more happily obliged in a telenovela.

I walked out of the theater feeling like I had watched a student’s final project. But this is just my opinion. My friend fucking loved it wishing it wasn’t the final chapter.