today was nice

I went to the Guy’s house today. The Guy with whom I have a fucked up dynamic. We went through some drama last night which was pretty much status quo. This morning I was ready, or thought I was as per usual, to no longer be intwined with him, so to speak. But then I flaked on myself, also as per usual, and texted him like nothing and we went about our small talk of my normal shenanigans. Then he asked if I wanted to hang and I agreed as long as we watched The Labyrinth to which he obliged cuz what lame-o wouldn’t?

We didn’t fight. We hung out all day and didn’t fight. So then I am getting my stuff to head out and he’s all, “Today was nice. We should have more days like this.”

To which I replied, “Keep on your best behavior and we just might.”

It also helped that he ordered takeout and I had delicious Tiramisu. I can’t lie. It was fire.

Photo by Pinar Kucuk on Unsplash

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