Dear God, it’s me.


I pray for the people of the world to find solace. I pray for my friends and loved ones going through tough times that they come out stronger in who they are and that they aren’t too traumatized by anything ugly they may be facing.

I pray for thanks and gratitude in everything good and bad I have been provided because I know life is a lesson in which I need both of these things to continue shaping who I am. I pray that I find solace with the trouble I am having with a friend. I pray for forgiveness in the sins I have knowingly committed as well as the ones born from ignorance. I pray I become wiser and stronger in who I am so I can make better choices than the ones I am currently reaping the consequences for.

I pray to be able to forgive myself for the wrongdoings I have committed against myself and others. I pray that the political tensions eventually subside and that people become more united instead of divided. I pray that I spread more kindness and compassion than malice or pain. I pray the world may have peace and find the steps to solid solutions for the worldly problems we face and that we succeed in those steps.

I pray we as a people unite to making the world a better place for those we leave it to. I pray animals and the natural environment are treated better and we can in time reverse or begin to reverse the damage we have done. I pray you know my words are genuine and you can help me out of my own personal mess. Even if it involves tears and tough love.

Lastly, I pray for the strength and compassion to do my part how I can in all these things. And I pray I never lose the faith I am beginning to build with you.

Thank you,


Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

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