Back to School

Four or more years ago, I believed a career in technology is something I wanted. I have the career now, albeit part-time, but I have learned that tech isn’t the right fit for me. At least not tech support which is pretty much my job.

As much of the time I have been drawn to tech, I have also been drawn to what college labels the liberal arts. Plaintively, I am trying to get my ducks in a row to go back to school for a degree in English Lit. On the practical side of the degree, I currently plan to teach high school level English courses. What I also hope to gain is better ability in writing so I can create while I teach.

A dream I have had since the first grade was to be a writer, but that’s not something that goes over well when telling others. Which is why my previous blog post on giving less to no fucks is something I am working on as well. And truthfully, if I do go into teaching with my degree, I am doing so because I am not sure I am disciplined enough to not live on a steady income. Yes, practicality.

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