Turning a new leaf

Last night I was on my way home from a friend’s house. I had a rough day and it was good to see her. I was driving down the highway listening to the Lacrae radio station as I have been prone to do lately. He is a Christian rap artist who my friend actually introduced to me. A song of his came on that I hadn’t heard previously so I did as I’m prone as well to do when I like a song — I played the song on repeat all the way home. The song is “Take me as I am.” It touched me and I did something I have not done very much in my life, I prayed.

And I probably did it wrong, but I prayed nonetheless.

Praying felt good. I felt a connection I haven’t before. I plan to walk anew today. I plan to walk in grace and gratitude and I plan from now on, to never back down and to never give up.

“Your purpose on this earth is far from worthless.” – Lacrae “Take me as I am”

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