The concept of forever

I think one of the truest concepts of this world is that nothing is truly permanent. Situations, people, ideas are typically in flux and evolve overtime. Yet we as people always have this gnawing little feeling of permanence. We will always be in love or we will never find love. We will always want what we don’t have or we’ll never lose what we do have.

Where did forever come from?

I paused to do a little research. A lot of the articles stem around religion. So I deduce religion is to blame. And man created religion so essentially man is to blame.

I do wonder though if we took forever away, how would we then feel about our current situations? Would we hold more value? Attach a little less? Would we feel more free?


  1. An old chatroom buddy called living, “catlife” because they don’t worry about forever. What happens goes. He said it in an attempt to talk me down from a what if situation. I often wonder if, we as humans behaved this way, the world would be better or worse.

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    1. That’s a good point and kind of reminds me of the concept of anarchy. If we were free to govern ourselves, some out there do believe we’d be better off. I kinda beg to differ on that one. Maybe if impermanence was the main thought process, we’d lack the empathy to care about anything. Good point, darling. Good point.

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