Don’t you hear the children scream?

On NowThis Politics, a poet slams congress for inaction with gun laws when tragedy after tragedy has occurred in this country. He mentions scary statistics like gun violence being 20 times higher here than in any other developed country. Another statistic I heard, not from his video, is that there have been 18 school shootings since January 1st of this year.

When Columbine happened in ’99 it was all over the media. How is it now 18 can go by and I have only heard about 1? This should not be the norm. And this debate about when to talk about it shouldn’t be going on. And the debate of mental health vs gun laws is .. wait for it .. fucking ridiculous.

Here’s why.

There is obviously something not right in the head of someone wanting to commit a mass shooting whether they have an official diagnosis or not. Then there’s the argument that if they’re not diagnosed, how is a background check going to help? Well, fuckwad, I’ll give you my two cents and maybe one day, I’ll get a dollar back.

The majority of these shootings, the killer has had history in showing violence and being off. The only mass shooting I am aware of in these modern times where it was a bit of a mystery is the Las Vegas shooter. I may be wrong, but last I heard when they were investigating is that he didn’t really have a rapport with the horrific act he committed. That’s an exception and exceptions can occur. That’s life.

The majority of the time, these people have evidence that leads up. So really the debate should close between mental health and gun laws to where it is one mandate for change. We have to get better at reporting ill-behaved minds as well as tighten gun laws and if that means depleting billions from the NRA and getting rid of AR-15s and other assault rifles, then by all means it’s fucking worth it for the lives we could save, and it would be honoring toward the lives we failed to protect.

And I get there’s a stigma in mental health and that sufferers statistically are more victims than violent, it doesn’t take away that it takes a severely ill mind to want to commit such heinous acts.

So, we need to get over ourselves.

Policy and change.

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