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Everyone is a Critic

I follow a few authors on my Facebook page. I even chat with them through comments and I feel it is kind of cool since they are actually authors — something so admirable to me. And though the beginning of this post sounds vapid when typed aloud, please stick with me because what I have to say is burning a hole in my soul. Or maybe just my gut.

Fifty Shades trilogy has been through the ringer with critics and feminists and even the occasional consumer. It doesn’t have the strongest following because now to even like anything about it could lead you to the slaughterhouse. I did read the books. I read them because my friend wanted me to so she would have someone to talk about them with. I did find even though I’m a huge prude and probably would kill a person for trying to use any kind of whip or chain on me — do they use chains? — I enjoyed the books. There, I said it. There were parts that amused me. I read them like one should read chick fluff. It’s fucking fluff.

Well a few of my author ladies shared a scathing review written by a man in his 40’s who saw the latest film. Let’s all celebrate a man in his 40’s went to the movie and felt the need to lash out at it. Applaud, applaud. Some touted it was an “epic burn.”

What bothers me is that these authors who ask for accolades through amazon reviews so they can be seen and known and make money are throwing their feces at another author who wrote this chick fluff as fan fiction (Twilight) and gained ample success through movie deals.

Not everyone who attempts to write or make art has great writings or great art. Everyone has had their shit work, so to speak. Why crucify them for it? Why attack their person as much as you attack their work?

“That’s not how this works, EL James, you dumb motherfucker.”¹

And I get this guy just maybe wrote this to get his name out, follow the herd, make a buck off someone else’s success — or he genuinely feels this. Either way, his garbage should not be celebrated.

Film critics are the bane of a lot of people’s existence. They like to shit on you more often than not. And these authors. These predominantly female feminist authors… are eating it up.

I haven’t read the books since they first came out. And maybe if I attempted, I would stop 20 pages in, as I did walk out of the first movie halfway through. But I don’t think it’s necessary to spew vile at someone because you don’t like their work, you think their writing is shit, you think the plot is stale, and/or you think they’re doing BDSM wrong. Could it be you’re jealous that such work that offends your senses is a blockbuster hit?

Honestly, the review reads like a literate Trump tweet — if tweets for 1000+ words long. And that rings real hypocrisy when one can tout the truth about the US President being a bully, but celebrate a 40 something year old man attacking a woman through her work — good or bad.


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