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I am a Dance Mom

No, I do not have kids. But if there is anything I do well, it’s trying to guide the lives of my friends. Take for example, Joss. She is military now. I cannot enlist in any branch because of medical circumstances. But I was a Navy Brat and I know the huge educational opportunities you can have in the military. So this was my text to her on that:

Me: Are you going to partake in any of the education offered?

Joss: Like start classes?

Me: Yeah, like take up the great opportunity to get a degree or something.

Joss: Oh yeah once I get situated I’ll do online classes.

Me: Awesome because you could, if you want, set yourself up nice for reëntry to civilian world. That’s if you choose not to do a military career. Just ideas.

Mind you, my mother hasn’t ever done this to me. Whatever I wanted to do, she supported, but never once was I pushed to go in a particular direction. And since I was a kid, I have tried to dictate what’s best for my friends. Maybe I need to be a life coach.

That’s a joke. I do though seriously feel like I am way better at seeing the lives of others than my own. What motivates them, what they are passionate about, their skills and particular talents.

But then I push too much and they don’t text back. It’s tough being a Dance Mom.

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