This is going to be a tangent

I think it’s ridiculous when people argue Apple vs Android (Usually Samsung).

Maybe because it pisses me off that they usually lack the knowledge to effectively argue which technology is “better.”

I saw a graphic (which spurred this tangent) about a pseudo argument between Apple and Android users. I’m sure you can find several just googling it.

This will not be a tangent on what is better because to be straight, I think they are both bringing their A games. Also I believe it truly depends on the user and what’s important to them.

Let’s get to the heart of the matter… or the guts:

Face ID / Facial Recognition.

Android had the technology for this one first. They have had it, roughly, for 4 years. It is available on the Samsung Note 8, the galaxy s8 and 8+ and probably other android devices.

Kicker – Samsung does NOT recommend using the feature if you want your device locked securely. They have had the technology for 4 years and never improved it in those 4 years.

Apple comes out with a device that relies on Face ID if you don’t want to enter a passcode however many times a day you need to open your device.

It is the most secure technology in locking your device. Now have there been mishaps with it? A couple, but nothing that’s not fixable. Plus, it’s the first Face ID of its kind so we learn as we go and Apple is known for constantly striving to do better.

iPhone X Display made by Samsung

Apple has no qualms about going through Samsung to get a great display.

Kicker – The technology of the iPhone X display is not used on the Samsung Note 8 or any of Samsung’s flagship devices. It was “made” by Samsung, but designed by Apple.


The Samsung Note 8 runs about $960 if you buy it outright and don’t go through eBay. The iPhone X is $999 for the 64GB and $1149 for the 256GB.

That is pricey for a device. This is the year of that as we have seen. More than likely if you are a potential user for devices like these, you upgrade your phone yearly. So in any case, if you finance the device through a carrier or Apple iPhone Upgrade program because you want the latest technology and if you have it for a year, you’re only paying half the cost of the phone.

In closing

If Samsung and Apple can work together and obviously have respect for one another, why can’t we focus on the features that we need, the features we want, and respect each other as Android and Apple users?


  1. Those companies have been suing each other for years. Frankly, I think both are good companies. I’ve used both iPhone and Android. I prefer Android for little reasons, so I switched back to it. If you’re concerned with security, though, I’d recommend going with an iPhone.


    1. I think it’s up to the user of the phone to make their minds up whether they prefer Android or Apple. I switch based on how I feel that year because I upgrade my device yearly. Lately, I have prefered Apple because of the UI. Since so many flagships hit this year, I’m leaning toward the X, but I’m waiting a bit to see how it is so I probably won’t do my upgrade until after the holidays.

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