Since everyone else is doing it

Everyone is ragging on the choice for Sexiest Man Alive by People Magazine. The “winner” is/was/everyone will forget this in 5 minutes so wtf will it matter Blake Shelton. Totally making an assumption, I think he had a good following in the country music realm (I don’t listen to country) but I really think his link to powerhouse Gwen Stefani skyrocketed his fame. Like even with that show they are on (The Voice?), he was probably the token country guy. She came on, they hook up, boom.

But I digress. I have some opinions of my own.

Why the fuck does it matter if some tabloid magazine, oh I am sorry, celebrity magazine chooses Blake Shelton or Will Ferrell or Tom Cruise (has anyone seen him lately?) or whatever other celebrity is walking around hollywood like their shit don’t stink?

Also the funniest thing I have noticed in all this is mainly the people being all undies in a bunch about it, at least on my highly credible FaceBook feed, are my feminist friends and pages.


Do we not embrace all women no matter how they choose to dress if it makes them feel good? Do we not try to beat the superficial beauty standards? Do we not preach and unite for equality among all people whether male, female, child, adult, color or creed? Is it not a double standard to say All Women are Beautiful and then rip apart a man judging if he’s sexy or not and the minute reasons you think so?

If you have children, are you not with your outrage and opinions about this teaching that looks do matter and that your activist voice and values contradict your personally held opinions on the appearance of another person?

One of the articles I read shared of a few tweets of Shelton’s. He’s an ignorant person. Not dumb/illiterate like some we know. But ignorant in that “you may have not realized what you said, but I still want to throat punch you for it” (I promise I’m not a violent person.)

He tweeted he was in Starschmucks. He ended the tweet with saying he “didn’t know the person was gay!!!!”

How old are you? Why does this surprise you? Are you inferring that all gay people need to act heterosexual? How does one act heterosexual? Did you smoke pot for the first time before you tweeted this?

Throat punch.


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