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I Don’t Want to Fight Anymore

Putting your opinions, views, thoughts out on any social media platform in the expansive World Wide Web can be utterly exhausting.

For anyone new following my blog, you won’t know what I am about to express in the next few sentences because new.

I started my first blog that I actually stuck with in late October 2012 under the guise of CombatBabe. I had just turned 27, I was dealing with a mental diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder, and I had a lot of views and opinions on a lot of different topics. CombatBabe wasn’t chosen because I was ever in military combat — as some had thought — it was chosen because I had a combative way when debating or expressing myself on social issues. Sometimes my wieldy keyboard got me in trouble with the friendships I had formed through the blogosphere. Actually, sometimes might be an understatement.

But in the last 5 years, a lot has changed. Both with me personally and with the world.

I don’t want to fight anymore. I want to stick my head in the sand like I have noticed most around me do. I want the ability to ignore the shit that’s going on. I want the ability to curate the world around me, to censor myself from the controversial and heated topics of today. I want to live in oblivion.

But you know what I have noticed? It’s hard to curate your life when you have nothing to focus on outside of yourself. When a lot of the time what is running in your brain is your thoughts on what you have seen, heard, read or simply come across.

I have 30 friends on my Facebook. Not one of them posts anything about Politics, Religion, Current Events, or Social Injustices. They FB status their personal days, their likes and dislikes on material things, make up tutorials, music, and most of all, their kids. Oh, and they bitch about other drivers and their coworkers if they work. Can’t leave that out.

They say it’s important to be outspoken about the world as a whole. But I am noticing, those who aren’t seem a lot happier.



  1. I’ve known you since the beginning, CB. 🙂
    I figure, my life is hard enough without getting involved my knickers in a bunch about things that I have no control of. I mean, I watch the news a few nights a week, I have an idea of what’s up. But for my own well-being, I steer clear of that shit online.
    Just my thoughts.

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  2. I’m the same way. I got extremely depressed during last year’s election cycle and I just quit watching the news and quit reading the news. I have a Chrome extension that blocks the trending news section so I don’t see it there, either. It also blocks any political posts so I don’t see those in my feed.

    It may make me part of the problem, but at least my mental health isn’t suffering for it.


    • Sarah N. Quinn

      I agree with you. Self care is first and foremost.


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