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Activism, Blanketing, and feeling like this country is going backwards

I used to think I was made for activism. There have been times where I seriously considered majoring in women’s studies/gender studies/whatever they’ll name it next year. I always wanted to go into Social Work. I wanted to make a difference.

I realize this morning, I’m too weak for that.

I used to like a page on Facebook called Feministing. Well like might be a strong word. I am a feminist, but there are some ideals in this recent wave of feminism that I gloss over because I don’t particularly agree with them. Mainly, that they make EVERYTHING under the sun a feminist topic.

I get that we have this platform called the web where we can make our voices heard. That can be a wonderful thing, but it can also suck the life out of you.

Especially if you’re weak like me. I seriously moderate what I will read or watch when it comes to op-eds and news/political videos.

If they’re doused in a bit of comic relief, they’re easier to swallow.

So Feministing shared a twitter thread by a person who was lamenting how white women need to stop feeding white supremacy. I am actually going to share the thread if you’d like to read it:

slide1.jpgslide-2.jpgslide-3.jpgslide 4.jpgslide 5.jpgslide6.jpg

This was my reply to it:

I disagree with the tweet he wrote: “white women: your hands may not have held most torches this wknd, but you birth, feed, caress, screw, and love the systems killing us.”

This is blanket bullshit used as a means to demoralize and marginalize a group. And I think it’s dick. I think it’s dick that Muslim people have to combat Islamophobia. And I think it’s dick that women not only have to be feminists today, but the right kind of feminists. I do speak out. I am a white woman and I don’t stand for white supremacy, I stand against.

Some people disagreed with my statement. A few comments were, and I quote, “why u making this bout u tho?”

Another was, “your not an exception no matter how you try to make yourself one”

The rest I forget because I deleted my comment.

But I am not sorry, I may be weak, but I am not sorry. What that man is doing in those tweets is blanketing a group. Almost in similar fashion to how white supremacists/nationalists/KKK/nazi/neo-nazi/alt-right/whatever these racist assholes are calling themselves now… blanket other races as beneath them.

This tweeter saw on a bus two white women who obviously either condone white supremacy or simply ignore it like how some mothers would ignore their husbands beating their kids.

He did NOT see all of white women on that bus. And really, no matter how much he preaches, he won’t be speaking to the white women on the bus, or any white women like them. If you cannot reason with a white supremacist, what makes you think you can reason with his sympathizers?

This is a heavy topic after what happened in Charlottesville, VA this weekend. My sincerest thoughts and prayers go out to Heather Heyer and her family. Also, to the many injured and their families this obscene (and ignorant) white supremacy riot affected, my heart to you.


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