I really don’t know why I let David have the power he has over me. When he was with someone, I cared not a shit about him. He was just David. Then he got hurt in a breakup and more than likely he deserved the pain since she gave him 5 years and he wouldn’t…

Letter to America

Dear America, This is my formal and cheeky resignation being written in x amount of times notice. First and foremost I want to thank the military and those who serve and have served. I also want to thank the first responders and police who have saved lives and did what they could to protect. I…

Ol’ Pal

Last night I went with an old friend to dinner at a wing place. I guess it’s more like a Florida bar kinda establishment, but I like their wings so it’s a wing place to me. We didn’t get wings. So I am going to have to holla at someone else to go with me…

Pulse & Pride

June 12th, 2019 marks the 3rd year since the fatal night in Orlando, FL at an LGBTQ+ club called Pulse where 49 people died and 53 people were injured. I have seen and read some thoughts and opinions from the heterosexual and sometimes religious community that the LGBTQ+ community is too loud or they’re too…

To Child or Not to Child

Mother’s day is around the corner — tomorrow, actually. For as long as I have known me, I have jumped back and forth on the idea of having a child — by birth or adoption. When I was a child myself, I played with Barbies and baby dolls. With Barbie, she never had kids. She…

Back to School

Four or more years ago, I believed a career in technology is something I wanted. I have the career now, albeit part-time, but I have learned that tech isn’t the right fit for me. At least not tech support which is pretty much my job. As much of the time I have been drawn to…

No Fucks Given

Lose all expectations. Don’t assume. Above all else, do your best. This seems to be the theme of self-development lately. I think not long ago it was self-help, but I can’t lie, I prefer it self-development. Yesterday, I was trying to find a similar book to “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck.” I…

No one is thinking about you

I am currently listening to Elizabeth Gilbert’s audiobook Big Magic. I love this book as much as I love her Eat Pray Love so I will probably get the print from B&N or Amazon.

Sick as a dog

Around Tuesday of last week, I began to get a sharp pain in my stomach. I had a similar stomach pain about 8 years ago and went to a Gastroenterologist who with an endoscopy and colonoscopy determined nothing was wrong so he just told me to stick to the bland diet.


“Over the last almost 18 months, you are the one person whom I gravitate towards because you ARE honest with me. Even if I don’t like what you have to say, you’re honest”

Must Love Dogs

If I were to venture into online dating again, I would pick the clichéd title above as my tagline.

Conservative Christian Political Ideology

I feel we need a progressive stance. We have freedom of religion in this country, yet because of the founders, we have a very Christian mindset when it comes to politics and rules. There needs to be a separation of politics and religion.